Welcome to the Daewar miniature gallery, a collection of pictures of painted Daewar miniatures from around the web. Once I start getting pictures from different painters I'll move them to individual pages but for now the showcase is a Daewar army by Norm Flam of the Toy Soldier Gallery. Incidentally, the following army is also for sale, contact Norm Flam for details.

Tips for exactly which miniatures you should use to represent the units in the Codex can be found in the Modelling section.

The entire army in all its glory.

A close-up of the Daewar Warrior squad.

Some mean looking Exo-armoured Hearthguard.

A Tarantula (Defender) and crew.

A special assault squad with Jump Packs.

A Daewar Mole Mortar battery.

Guild Trike manned by a Guildmaster.

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